Covey’s 90/10 principle tells us that 10% of life is made up of events or stimuli. 90% is our reaction. the stimuli is out of our control. our reaction is by no doubt controllable.

See, it’s really up to you how you will spend the 90%. Given a really bad situation, you may curse, complain, or blame. Undoubtedly, you know it has and will always just make the situation worse. Overall outcome is undeserved STRESS.

You’re right, we’re people. We are designed to feel anger, fear, insecure and all sorts of emotions when provoked. Sometimes we let these emotions stir us. Actually, a lot us have made these negative emotions control our lives. It has become a habit. Ever wonder why you immediately curse when somebody cuts you off in traffic? Why you shout at your kid when they break or play with your important things? Why you become defensive all of a sudden when you hear your name down the hall? why you pretend to be busy when your boss is around? why you immediately criticize people who don’t share your fashion sense? why you engage in verbal battles with your wife, just so you could hang out with your so called friends? and the list goes on.

Observe that when the stimulus occur the reaction happens very quickly. There goes the 90% chance to respond positively. Had we paused and thought for a while for an alternative rather than the usual. We could and may even save the day. As Mr. Grohl says ” there goes my hero. he’s ordinary.”

Does not take a saint to do the right thing. Use that 5 seconds interval to come up with a better response. Look around and seize the opportunity to resolve or ease things.You can avoid that traffic, leave early. Your child is more precious than that cellphone soaked in soup. People who talk about you recognize you, but you know yourself better. Nothing others do is because of you. Do what is expected of you at work, it’s the reason you are there. We all are different, to each his own. Manage your time with your family, friends, hobbies or sport.

We all have flaws, for those who disagree perhaps yours is dental. Just kidding. Seriously, next time you get caught up in a f@!$d up situation remember this fraction: 90/10.


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