Got comment?

Do you have a blog on free blogging service like and Do you wish to self-host your blog like a pro to have more control and flexibility for your blog?

Now you can win a WordPress compatible hosting plan worth $30 from WPWebHost for you to host your blog, with free domain name provided!

If you do not wish to join this promo, simply leave a comment on this post and silently walk away:-). Your kind deed will go along way my friend. Mabuhay ka! On second thought, if you will be joining, might as well comment. I promise to comment on your blog as well  (grin).


1 year Rookie Plan with FREE domain name (1GB space | 5GB/mo bandwidth)

How To Win?

  1. Blog about this contest and link back here. You could take a banner here and insert to your post.
  2. Get 7 comments for your post. (Trackback isn’t counted)
  3. Submit your blog post URL here, along with your name and valid email address in the provided fields.
  4. Yippee! You have just won a FREE WordPress hosting plan + a domain name. WPWebhost will email you further steps to claim the prize within 2 weeks.

Terms & Conditions

  • Every participant is entitled to only one prize.
  • This giveaway ends on 30 Sep 2010.
  • WPWebHost reserves the right to amend or revise the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
  • WPWebHost has the right to disqualify any participation which does not fulfil the requirements.

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