An earthquake measured a powerful 7.0 magnitude in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Just saw this.  Hopefully the report that no one died holds true until all debris have been cleared and key services restored.

Disasters like this reminds us how fragile we are and how mother earth can turn things around in a matter of seconds.

Remember the 1990 Baguio earthquake? I think it was the most destructive earthquake on that region, registering at 7.7 on the richter scale. I was in school  when it struck, I recall all of us running out of the class room heading towards the quadrangle. The flagpole was swinging and it was total panic.Students were crying fearful of what might happen. And the aftershocks was just dreadful.  At the time, there was no internet, no cable tv. (Meron lang betamax) .So we didn’t learn about the damages on other parts of the country until prolly the next day on the newspaper. We were in Paranaque, far  far away form Baguio. Little did we know that there was another place who got hit real bad. . Major infrastructures were destroyed . Hundreds dead, buried alive under huge debris. The nation mourned as the affect of the quake unfolded. I can only pray that such catastrophe does not happen again. (I have yet to go up to Baguio)

My prayers go to those affected, injured and traumatized. Hugs, peace and love.


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