The last three days have been challenging for  me and painful for my kids and wife. With the exception of me and my youngest daughter, everyone got sick. But they all are doing better now. Looking on the brighter side, at least it was all simple illnesses. I wonder how those inflicted with serious diseases are holding up. How about their loved ones?

As for me, looking at my two year old complain and cry about  tummyaches is enough to break my heart. There is no greater pain than seeing your kids or loved ones in anguish.

I remember the last few days of my dad. I got the chance to visit him in the hospital. My wife and eldest was with me. He was sick for quite a while. Actually since i can remember. Complications due to diabetes compromised by his drinking and smoking. He knew it was bad. Stubborn as he is, he kept on living the rock and roll lifestyle. He was on terminal stage already. Kidneys, lungs, literally all organs breaking down. As he was having a seizure, I looked in his eyes and saw death and desperation to live fighting over.I thought it was “it”. I thought we were gonna lose him that moment. It was emotionally and physically draining to see a man suffer and fight over his life. That was perhaps the lowest point in my life. See a life go by.   All we can do was pray and witness. He survived for a couple of days and then inevitably met his creator. He was with mom at home when he departed.

Anyways, what did i take away from that experience? The value of life. There is a time for everything, it is how we prioritize that makes a difference. I am prioritizing my family. See, in the eyes of children. Love is equal to time. I  am not wasting my time somewhere else without them or doing something anti life.


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