We all have bad days. bad hair days.  bad vibes. bad breath sometimes. some are able to adjust right away and pick themselves up go about the day like nothing is wrong. some are too affected they can’t move on and continue their usual routines. there are those caught in the middle; at first they are ok , then  it will sink in and they’d get too “emotional”  then becomes unproductive.

Our minds fly a lot of times. It is as if there are all sorts of electrical charges boosting multiple train of thoughts. These energies distract us from being focused. It is utterly difficult for a lot of us to think straight. We don’t know what we want. We think we know but we don’t.

I recently have been more focused on things I do. I find it motivating to have a goal. To develop specific and actionable plans to achieve my objective. I have also become realistic.

As much as I want everyone to be or do the same. I have no control or influence over their discipline. I wish I could  or know how to change other people’s minds.

I appreciate the smalls things that people do or give. But I know that this act is compromising the integrity of the relationship or my disposition. I know that after I accept this token. I am now in debt to the giver. At any point, he will ask for something and I may not be able to say No. This is how we corrupt the system. All starts with favors.

The same way as  when I have done a mistake. I know that people will tolerate it because a) we all mistakes b)I will have to make up c) i need to re establish my competency, thus more work and effort. the ratio is normally 1:10.


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