Chief Inspector Mendoza

This is freakin shameful. A bad situation gone worst. How and why? From what I’ve read and seen on teevee and da net. My conclusion is incompetence and man’s inclination to drama is deadly. Being dramatic when we do not get what we want. When we are frustrated, when we are full of shit. All the bad shit clouds our mind and we stop thinking for a while, well for some it’s a  long while. Too  lng they do not realize they have hijacked a bus already.

The police went to soft on this guy. They could have just shot him the first time they had the opportunity.  I mean it’s what they usually do with SUSPECTED criminals right? This one’s not a suspect. He is in the act of and have comitted a crime.

Chief Inspector Mendoza achieved his goal. He got our attention. The world’s attention for that matter. He died a dramatic death. Count a few more months and a movie will come out about him or similar to his story. There prolly is already. a remake if that is the case.

Police officers achieved their goal as well. they kept us safe. we stayed in our houses to watch as the disasted unfolded.

The media. They helped a lot as well. in showing how incompetent the police (in general – the system, the process, the individuals) are. there was teevee inside the bus, their reports was useful for chief inspector mendoza. Talk about birds eye view. Can they be charged of being an accomplice? Well, wait a few days and we’ll forget all about this anyway. Next.

Again, this tells a lot about the importance of “How” we act or say things over “What” we want to say or do. I think everyone involved all wanted one thing at the time. To resolve the crisis without any casualty.  If only our police officers underwent training from mr. shoebridge.


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