My boss handed the result of my annual physical exam. I am not pleased with the result.  General impression is I am obese (class 1).

Improving my health is an ongoing effort. Just 5 months ago I started mountain biking during weekends. At first, I thought it was easy. I did not expect  that it involved discipline and lots of sweat. I remember my first attempt to assault an inclined terrain. The  route: UP Diliman via Tumana and Balara , bike all the way from Concepcion Marikina.

Came across slope area disguised as a sweet downhill leading to a a sour zigzag ascend. After rolling a good 200 meters, attempted to salvage the forty five degreess then  dismounted and walked and rested a good one hundred meters before the next recovery plane. WTF man, I said to myself. This is so easy. I guess I was not prepared.  Whew,  there was another 500 meters of so more climb. If my calculations are correct, the incline was forty five degrees.  Do I walk still or gather strength to bike it up? Honestly I forgot what I did. What I remember is that my lungs almost collapsed while my knees and thighs felt they were going to burst.

Thank God I reached the oblation alive. It took a lot of self convincing to continue pedaling and reach the goal. I didnt want to go home empty handed that day. i reached the oval safe and sound. Biked around and enjoyed the scenery. I have pictures of that day posted on my social networking blog. I really looked like a newbie biker then. (I still am as of this posting).

See, I am not athletic. I never saw myself as one. I appreciate sports by watching it once in a while. Not much of a fan. Imagine the shift from watching people sweat to actually be drenching from my own toil.

Although it was tiring and painful, I enjoyed it. When I got home, I told the story to my wife and told her that I am keeping the bike(the recreational + health benefting activity). A couple of weeks later I sold it to buy a better one. This was a sign that I have become serious and committed to developing a body that can go the distance (literally and metaphorically) I have since then joined online forums to learn about mountain biking. I think i know enough for now, but am still seeking advice from experts or “halimaws” , a monicker for really experienced and strong mountain bikers.

i have read articles and books about  “dieting” or eating the right food, sadly  most of the really effective and good ones are pretty expensive. but the concept of killing the urge for carb is interesting but hard to initiate. it is a work in progress.

Another important factor for a better health is enough sleep. I noticed that when I sleep for at leat eight hours i feel lighter. It’s as if I shredded some pounds.  Studies does show that after strenous physical activity, it is when we sleep that our bodies recover and develop. Sadly, this does not happen everyday. For the longest time,  my average sleep time during a work week is only five to six hours. This too, is a work in progress.

Overall, i think eating combined with proper exercise  and sleep are the three areas in my life that I need to modify. It cannot be just now. It has to be consistent. I wont stop biking after I have earned my ideal weight. I will continue to sleep and eat right even after I have become stronger and healthier. Lifesyle change, a major work in progress.


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