Is it just me or do you also notice  how people behave differently,speaks and acts crazy when they are insecure.

I have met, acquainted, and made friends with different types of people. . Note that everyone is inevitably in competition with each other. At end of the day, it’s all about the benjamins. We are ll businessmen. Observe that as the other goes up the ladder, shows potentials for greatness, increased visibility accross the organization, etc, etc. The rest grows restless. Each one has their own way of pulling the each other down. Consciously or not.

The best I’ve seen so far, is what I call the “indirect thrash talk”.  This is when one talks about himself more, about what he can do better compared to the “one”; Uplifts himself and tries soo hard to make everyone listen and believe that what he offers is far more intellectual and marketable. To him, what  he knows is what works. Don’t care about everyone else. He is the one who attends meetings but does not read the agenda but does more talking than the one facilitating.

There are those who will stab you from behind.Surely, you won’t see them coming. You just find out after they have made their assault. They are like stalkers. Obsessed in pinning you down, they follow and watch your every move. Catches all your mistakes.

You know what, maybe I’m just being to paranoid. Maybe, it’s the other way around. Maybe all these strange thoughts come from my own insecurity. I thin it’s strange? Maybe I should examine how I deal with the those I work with? Am I perceived as competition or a nuisance? Do I pay too much attention to others that I deprive my self of worthy attention? Should I start changing?. Paradign shift perhaps? Get rid of old skul coservative  mentality. Embrace the dynamics of current politics and accept the fact that the corporate world is a jungle. There are a lot of opposing forces.


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