Makalipas ang apat na taon

Three ++ years in the making, at last it pushed through. The Jerome, Jay, Jimbol, Jonathan and Cris reunion.Why it took that long? Well, after graduation we started to go on our ways, so to say. Although most of us except Cris, are situated here in the Philippines it was hard for us to keep in touch. Why? I don’t know man. Let’s just keep it that way. Anyways, just a brief backgrounder on these extraordinary people.

On Jerome:That’s me. Stay tuned you’ll get to know me better.<!–more–>

On Jay: a.k.a Florante Pagtakhan Jr. Six foot something basketball junkie. He’d invite us to watch their grand championship games, most of the time they won, afterwhich we’d celebrate and get drunk so hard, beer flowing everywhere literally. My partner in crime. Used to copy from me a lot on Physics. 🙂 He was the bass player for our band “pepito killer”. Drinking buddy. Paid me to write love letters for her girlfriends. 🙂 Back in college, I used to stay in their house, like stay stay, as in live there. I got to know politics, their family was very active with it. . They lived in Pasay, where politicians are hardcore.

On Jimbol: a.k.a Raymond Dignos This dude is again another basketball addict. I don’t know man, I have lots of friends who’s into the sport. I wonder why I never liked it. I’m into golf (pronounced as gulp) :). Just like most of my friends, Jimbol and his family also adopted me. I remember celebrating New Year’s eve with them I forgot the year, but it was a blast. He is my hardcore drnking partner, we were alcoholics man! I remember one time, he and I and another friend stopped to drink on the overpass located in kabihasnan coastal road. This will guy will never forget me, because I deleted his thesis a few days before defense. I should have been really stoned that day. M sorry man!

On Jonathan: a.k.a Tenga The kingpin. The source. The supplier. The financer. What else can I say about him. He’s nice but could sometimes be a pain in the butt. But hey, as long as goods are flowing. We can live up with him 🙂 Was once my poster family also. Thank you.

On Cris: a.k.a Maria Cristina Roxas My good ol buddy cris. Never missing a single drninking session. 🙂 One of the lucky ones who knows me, as in really well. This girl with a heavenly voice was our singer. Too bad we never made it to the airwaves. With so much we’ve been through together, I can say that our friendship is really solid. Where ever you are cris, godspeed. She’s not dead, i just dont know where she is. XD.

Too bad we didnt have pictures that night. I had a great time. They did as well. We sung, we drunk beer and we exchanged stories. We came to realize how much we missed each other. Yeah, monette was there also. She’s the identical twin of Cris.

I want to thank the owner of the place where we celebrated that momentous occasion. Who ever you are, thank you, we loved the place. It was cool. To the people who were there and enjured our songs, we appreciate the patience. To the artist/musicians who jammed with us, thanks for letting me use the congo (was it?).


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