chingky enrile alavado, lovely spouse of the blog author

Bab, palagay ko sa yo nagmana ng kakulian ang anak naten. Huy! Magsalita ka naman! Ok ok d na ako uulit. Don’t give me that “yare ka pag uwi mo” look.  Love you.

Our term of endearment, “bab”, originated from our then 2 years old daughter, Chloe.   Yes, we called each other love back in the day. Chloe would imitate us and copy the words we say.  She had trouble saying “love”  as she’d normally stammer.

Chingky or nene, her nickname,  is a quiet type person that enjoys munching on junk food and sweets.  She is a long standing client of our neighborhood sari sari store.

She cooks the most tasty spaghetti.  She makes the best prawn sauted on ketsup and chili. I first fell in love with her “tortang giniling”. the latter is very memorable.When we first met, she prepared this for her friends. My cousin brought her and some others to our house. During that time I was always out hanging out with friends and would only go home after a few days.  I really didn’t expect to see them. When I arrived, as men usually do, I headed to the kitchen. There she was, this beautiful creation, cooking her specialty.  We were introduced and the rest is really nothing romantic.

This was the same year when Erap was elected as president. I am not sure, why I am including that on this blog. Just saying.


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